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Comic Blurb: Here's a comic by Roland Perez of Metal Jaw Comics. He owns a water buffalo, loves cheeseburgers and is an expert on cebu's. Also, he is just a kick-ass guy in general, so be sure to check out his comic.

Also, big ups to ConnectiCon. It was an awesome time, and I'd list all the guys and calls I hung out with, but honestly there were so many that I can't/couldn't remember all their names, but here are all the peeps I remember:

Steve Napierski of Dueling Analogs and Omake Theater - real big props to him for not only getting me to go to the con but inviting me to dinner with everyone else so I could meet some people
Darren "Dern" Gendron of Dernwerks (which has a variety of comics) - also big props for the excellent advice and suggestions
Christiann of Sticky Comics - thanks for keeping it down!
The "Interesting" Onezumi of Onezumi Studios - you still haven't freaked me out, keep trying!
Luke Foster of Moon Freight 3 - rocking the Hawaiin shirt much better than David Willis
Garth Graham of GCG Studios - he's a ridiculously talented artist!
Dirk Tiede of Paradigm Shift - best facial hair there, sorry Lars and Dern!

Most importantly, I would like to point out the best time of the con was Super Art Fight, which was an insanely fun/funny time (my face hurt from laughing so hard/much). Basically, it's just either one-on-one or tag-team "battles" of people drawing certain subjects. It's mostly PG-13, until lar of Least I Could Do started drawing penises on everything. Then it was epic. If you know of a con that they will be attending, make sure you see it. If you're running a con on the east coast, be sure to contact them at their site and let them know you NEED them.

So I'm sure I forgot a lot of people, but there were about 40-50 of us there, and I'm not very good at mingling so I didn't really get to talk to as many people as I would have liked. Sorry if I missed you, and I will be at InterventionCon in September to bug you people even more!


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