The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: OH GOD, IS THAT WHAT MY DRAWINGS LOOKED LIKE? I am so, so sorry.

So a couple of things. First, I launched a new sports blog called Illegal Shift. I was debating going back to Sports Bar Chatter, but doing an entire blog pretending to be a character from my comic seemed like too much work. Plus, from re-reading those archives, Jack's blog sucked.

Second thing is I re-read the old character Twitter accounts and was laughing my ass off at some of their interactions, and after an hour of trying to remember the passwords, I've decided to try and use those again. You can check out those accounts in this list here, and I will try to use them as often as I have some ideas. And no, it won't cut into the scripts - the entirety of the comic has encompassed roughly 4-5 years in the timeline, and you've only seen about 5 days in their lives, so there's plenty of other shenanigans!


Stompin' Grounds

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