The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: Yes heroine. Not to be confused with the drug heroin. Though both can be addicting.

So my plan when this came back a couple of comics ago was originally to do the comic every-other week. But I was on such a roll that I thought with my week of vacation a few weeks back I'd be able to start updating weekly. BUT then on that vacation, I ended up with a fever and headaches and ended up sleeping about 16 hours a day, so I didn't get anything accomplished between this and the videos. So for now, the comic is going to be on a bi-monthly or bi-weekly or whatever the hell you call it schedule. And yes, I know this is going up on a Saturday, but my time's been stretched thin. I already said on Twitter that I'm taking a couple of weeks off from the let's play channel to focus on some things in my personal life, but that won't affect the main channel or the comic. Hopefully at some point I can get everything squared away so I can do the comic weekly (I have another vacation coming up in April that I will hopefully be healthy for), but until then, it'll be every other week.

Which I suppose is better than once every eight months, eh?


Stompin' Grounds

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