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Comic Blurb: Hey look, a comic up in the morning! Too bad I promised you guys this one last week. Whoops!

So yes, here we are, finally at comic #250. It's taken quite a while. How long? Well, November 2nd marks the five year anniversary of this comic, so... there has definitely been some slacking, to say the least. The one thing I'm aiming for (and I'm hoping you'll see or at least appreciate in some ways) is that if I'm doing a comic every week or two, I need to slow down and take my time sketching out each panel and try to make each of them stand out. It won't always happen, like with panels 2 and 4 here, but I should be able to avoid boring 3/4s views in each frame. And I'm treating each panel like it's a true art piece, so instead of whipping out an entire comic sketched in an hour, it's taking me 30 minutes per frame. And so far, to me at least, it's worth it. Now I'm still rusty, but considering what the entirety of chapter 2 looked like, any semblance of my old ways is probably welcome to you guys, eh?

Anyways, I've got a comic I'm planning to do for next Friday (Halloween), but nothing big for the 5 year anny, since, if you take into account all my hiatus time, it's really more of a 2 year and 4 month anny. Now I'm gonna go play Shadows of Mordor for several days.


Stompin' Grounds

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