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Comic Blurb: So... good to see I stuck to my guns, eh?

In all seriousness, I had this comic close to done for August 22nd (two weeks after the last update, because like I said, it'll probably be bi-weekly for a while). I was actually trying to get it up for the 15th, but my fiancee was induced that day, and my daughter was born on Sunday the 17th. So after she spent three weeks in the hospital, we've finally had her home for a little over two weeks. So that's where I've been.

The other night, I started re-reading this comic from the beginning, and a bulb went off: I miss the days of the prologue. I generally had a lot of fun with this comic back then. Not just because I was getting popular, or because I was socializing with a bunch of other comickers, or the conventions. I had fun writing the comics, I had fun writing these blurbs. I literally laughed out loud at about 5 or 6 of them. But what I've lost, and it took re-reading this and finally starting to watch The Walking Dead, is character development. What made the comic great was the characters just interacting with each other, and not much story. The prologue was around 80 pages, and during it, Frank moved in, C.J. started working at the shop, Jack and C.J. hooked up, Jack's job burned down, he started his blog, and it blew up. Really it was comprised of sub-plots, and not an overlying narrative.

I'm not gonna stop having stories woven in, especially considering what I have planned for this chapter, but there's gonna be a lot more character interaction in this chapter (seriously, what did we establish in chapter 2 besides some people are obsessed with My Little Pony?). It'll have a slightly serious overtone, but it won't be overly serious like chapter 1. So hopefully you enjoy it. I'll crank out updates whenever I can, but I get diaper duty when I'm awake/home from work, so I don't have a ton of time (my YT channel has been neglected lately too). Plus, you know, my daughter's adorable and I wanna spend time with her.

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