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Comic Blurb: And bronies who also enjoy sports everywhere are crying. Also, that's the first boob in my comic. Well, the second one.

Alright, I know you guys are getting fed up with me. I did have a legit excuse to take time away from the comic, which I mentioned in the Cbox on the right, but I won't post here because... well, I don't want it posted here for the future. And as I said in the Cbox, the reason for all the gaps (read: hiatuses) is mostly legitimate reasons to take time away, followed up by laziness and a tough time getting back into the comic. Almost different this time because, as I mentioned before, I'm going to be starting up a YouTube channel. You can check it out here if you want. It's gonna be (yet another) game review channel, moreso in the vain of JonTron and PBG as opposed to AVGN. Also, I won't be swearing too much, so it's safe for work. So feel free to subscribe now before it premieres in February (hoping for the 1st, but might end up being the 8th), and hey, tell your friends!

And now, two bits of information, and they tie in together. The first is that I will be dropping back to one comic per week, though you won't notice that because next week is the chapter finale, and it'll be two weeks of fillers, which I will do twice a week to make up for the fact that they're fillers. The second is that this is in no way because of the YouTube thing. The show is in the same vein as this comic, actually; it's due to circumstance. As I've stated before, this comic started because I was working graveyard and had nothing else to do at 3am on my nights off. The YouTube show is because I have been playing a lot of video games in the last two years, and I have a lot to say about certain games, so why not post them? They're not going to be on a very set schedule, though I'm hoping to be somewhere between once every week or two. I figure this comic was up to a moderately high amount of readers (for a lower-tier comic), and it was mostly for the comedy, so hopefully, I can bring that to a seperate medium.

So the comic will be going up on Fridays, as will the videos. So I'll see you next Friday with the chapter finale, and then we move on to chapter three, which hopefully won't change direction halfway through!


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