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Comic Blurb: Sorry guys, just needed a day off. I know I've only been back for a month, but I've had a heluva weekend. I'm fine, but there have been some issues that took priority over this.

I did see Wreck-It Ralph this weekend. It tied in with the problems (no, seriously. It was a cure). It is by far my favorite non-Pixar Disney film. It can't quite overtake the first eight minutes of Up or Toy Story 3, but none of the older films come close. Not even Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and I don't count Avengers, though it is technically Disney, but I think Ralph is still better (yup!). It's not because of the video game tie-ins (though they were a nice touch). It was a great story and everyone was cast perfectly (though I'm 99% sure Jack McBrayer's Felix was just his character from 30 Rock).

Edit (1-31-15): Definitely overreacted by crowning this the best non-Pixar Disney flick. Best non-Pixar 3D movie perhaps, but come on, nothing can overthrow A Goofy Movie or Lilo and Stitch.


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