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Comic Blurb: I try to avoid picking on other webcomics (though I question if Sonichu really is a "web" comic), I also don't usually try to troll people with mental disabilities, but there is a line to be drawn. There are some serious trolls out there who keep track of his entire life, and honestly, I don't care about his cross dressing or the "recycling". But there is a huge issue with this comic.

The blatant copyright infringement, the narcissism, and the fact that half the time he uses it as a way to promote himself to get women is just a ton of problems that some comics have, but he managed to do it within the first 30-something pages. Now, I've been guilty of bitching about being single, but I was 18, so at that age, that is all you have for problems. He was 24. This is why I hate certain people who use the term "nerd" or "geek" as a cover-up for the fact that they refuse to grow up and refuse to take responsibility for their lives. Obviously I qualify as a nerd... or geek... I never understood the difference between the two, but I'm sure I'll be trolled for it later.

Anyways, you do NOT do a webcomic to promote yourself, you do NOT do it if you're just trying to make money. I started Space to establish myself as a comicker to help with other projects that I thought would be more successful, but obviosuly, things changed. Space took off and got pretty popular, though I managed to fuck it up a bit. But I was not promoting myself to get a girlfriend, and I haven't tried to force you guys to write to Nintendo or anything like that to push merch. That seems to be all Sonichu does.

Personally, I think fanfic is stupid, but I respect the people who are dedicated enough to something to draw it. I respect the people who have the creativity to expand upon their favorite stories and characters. And I respect the fact that it is a labor of love, knowing that when they start it, there isn't gonna be a payoff. There won't be video games, anime, or anything. Maybe they get an offer as a writer for some of these things, but that's so farfetched it isn't even something to hope for. CWC seems to think Nintendo is actually going to add Sonichu to Pokemon.

But even though I have only read the first two and a half books, I read through the TVTropes page. How can you dedicate entire storylines to killing the people at 4-Chan (sorry, 4_cent-garbage), have sub-comic stories about rescuing imaginary women that love you, or just.... ugh!

I won't bother critiquing the art style, the all-caps comic sans font, or any of the "common" complaints. It's everything else that's wrong. The racism, homophobia, copyright crap, and then the shock that you've been trolled.

But there is a good part to it. Comics like this show exactly how NOT to do a comic. It makes me want to raise my standards when I write and draw Space. It makes me appreciate the fact that, overall, I've been lucky to not have more than a handful of trolls in the 2+ years the comic's been around. So I guess it was a good thing for me to read.

But man oh man, what a fucking headache.


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