The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: See! It's her fault!

I'm not gonna feed you a bunch of bullshit. I did have some things to do, but mostly I needed a break to re-charge my batteries. I made this comic into a job more than a hobby (which I mentioned in a Tumblr blog), something I didn't realize until I took a step back.

Right now, the plan is to run these kind of comics every Friday to get myself warmed up, plus to allow myself some time to build up a buffer. This might take a month, month and a half, at which time I will return with real comics, also only updating on Fridays. I know you guys liked the three updates a week thing, but that is too much for me to manage. I might bring it back to two updates a week at some point, but I am planning on buying a house at the end of the year, plus all of my vacations this year I will actually be going somewhere, so I don't want to end up on another hiatus. So I will see you guys next week with a comic I started to draw two weeks ago!

Oh, and I love you, Nohely. Please don't kill me. (She would like you all to know she's Dominican, not black. She just has black-people hair).


Stompin' Grounds

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