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Comic Blurb: Let me just state this: I think Tom Brady is THE BEST quarterback in the league right now. Not ONE OF the best. THE best. Peyton may have the stats, but Brady has the rings. And remember, I'm a Bills fan.

However, he is NOT tough. I know he allegedly played with broken ribs, but that guy calls for more flags than Chad Ochocinco, especially if a lineman so much as grazes him. He wants flags when he gets sacked cleanly.

And now, I'm sure all of you are wondering "Why isn't this a real comic?" Well, truth be told, I had a nice buffer built up last week since I knew I would be busy. Unfortunately, I was one comic short. As opposed to rushing through that and leaving myself behind again, I figured I'd throw this up, hope you guys got a chuckle, and get back to work. I know a lot of you aren't happy with the update schedule lately (my traffic has been cut in half since this all started 5 months ago), but it is what it is. I'm not giving you all my reasons again, but just know that I may miss an update or two, but I will not go on another hiatus.

If I do go on any sort of unannounced hiatus, it'll be the last, and you can put this in the "Inactive Folder" for a while. I'm not gonna give up on the comic any time soon, but if it gets to the point where I still can't get a decent and consistant update schedule going again, I would much rather just stop doing it for a while than string you all on again.

But this is all hypothetical. I'm gonna go back to work on Monday's comic now.


Stompin' Grounds

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