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Comic Blurb: I know, I know, it's a day late. But at least it's a real comic.

I would like to sort of apologize for the last few comics. I only did them consecutively because I've had major writer's block. I came back from that hiatus with three scripts done, and I have only come up with a couple more. I'm still struggling with it, so I just decided to post those comics, hoping a flood would start.

No such luck. I am happy with this script, and while it might not be the best script I've ever written, it's not some piece of crap forced out. All in all it's a pretty good comic, but it leaves me in a corner.

Those who don't do writing don't get it, but you CAN back yourself into a corner, even with four main characters in four different locations. C.J. is pretty much a non-factor for the rest of the chapter, Jack is "busy", Frank is in a taxi, and Sam is at work. I'm sure ALL of you are sick of the interiors of YMSK and Jack's house by now, so I need to get back to writing.

And just so you know, I typed this blurb before finishing this comic and solved my writer's block! Yay! Venting works!


Stompin' Grounds

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