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Comic Blurb: Yeah, con lag sucks. I know a real comic went up Monday, but most of that was done before the con.

So anyways, con recap. It was definitely (financially) the most successful of the cons I've done, but since it's only th third one I've done, I'm not making it a permanent goal.

Really the coolest part was meeting a handful of you guys! My favorite thing to do at cons (besides make money) is to shoot the shit, which I got to do with Barry a.k.a. Kortir, as well as Chris of Another Life. Apparently I'm a big deal to some people. Who knew?! *hangs head in shame because of lack of updates*

I also got to meet Tom/Thomas of Alone in a Crowd and Erik of Biff the Vampire. Somehow both conversations ended up with discussions of My Little Pony. Mostly because it was me complaining.

As for the artist alley/dealers, I talked to my neighbors, the folks behind Caf-Fiends. Kevin has proven to either be my hero or my "what not to do guide", I haven't figured it out yet. I was down the row from jamie Noguchi, creator of Puppy Cow and his comic Yellow Peril.

Because of his creation, my table (my buddy Matt and my girlfriend) had a "Puppy Cow War" with Christiann and Jim of Sticky Comics. Not sure what the final results were, but when you're getting hit by Puppy Cow plushies, there are no losers.

And once again, I have to thank Dern of Hello With Cheese for getting me back in line. Clearly I need a good, swift kick in the ass sometimes, plus advice.

Oh, and I didn't pussy out (like a boss), and I actually introduced myself to Lar of Least I Could Do. He was also robbed of a victory at Super Art Fight, but overall they put on an amazing show, as usual.


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