The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: Having stuff to do really interferes with comicking.

Anyways, I was doing a rough outline of the rest of the chapter, and the end is coming up a lot quicker than I thought. Like last year, I want to run a week or two of guest strips, depending on how many I get. I'll take whatever I can get, but I'm gonna try and run any submissions from new people first. I will eventually use all of them, so it's not like you'd be working for nothing. Anyways, I would like them by April 8th. Once I script out all the comics, it could be later, but for now let's go with that. I know it's not six months notice like last time, but it's still pretty decent notice I think. Any and all interested send me an e-mail, or just do it and send it. Only requirement is it can't be more than 800 pixels wide, and no hardcore porn. Nudity is okay (think Treading Grounds).


Stompin' Grounds

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