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Comic Blurb: I'm pretty sure Steve does this a helluva lot better than me, but whatever. It's a better filler comic than my usual ones.

The first strip is based off of the second chapter in the game, where Joe is spouting off those cheesy one-liners one right after another. I did enjoy a few (the best was "Hey, do you know the difference between sex and conversation? No? Wanna go back to my place and talk?"), and it was a good way to fill up time while you were driving, so I didn't have any real problems with it.

The second stip is inspired by the fact that you do, in fact, collect old-school Playboy magazines (yes, there is nudity, you pervs). As a collection whore, of course I collected them all, but what I found funny is they really were everywhere. ***SLIGHT SPOILER*** For instance, at the end of the game you have to run into the middle of a firefight to grab one. Dodging Tommy Guns and shotguns just to see some boobs. Makes sense.

And the third strip is alternate dialogue from the middle of chapter six.

As for doing a filler, I knew this was gonna happen more frequently than during the prologue. Yes, I have the ability to do three strips a week. Hell, I could probably do five if I did nothing else with my time. I refuse to let the comic take over my life, though. It's not a job for me; it's something I do for fun, and while I try and take it seriously, if I sat and did nothing but the comic all the time, I would start to hate doing it. If it starts becoming something I can make some serious money with, maybe use it to replace my current job, then the priorities will change, but until then this is how it'll work occassionally.

It wasn't a problem before because I was using my vacation time to take an extra day off a week to give myself more time, but I can't do that anymore, so now it's starting to catch up. I don't do good with buffers, so really that wasn't an option. The holidays will suck because I work at a grocery store, and that place is busy as hell from the end of October until the beginning of January. And yes, I know I started the damn comic the first day of November; I didn't really think things through.


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