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Comic Blurb: Good job managing, Sam. Anyways, here's my full Intervention recap/plugging:

So I didn't make much money, and definitely didn't cover the costs (eight hours of driving in an SUV costs a lot in gas money), but it was still worth it. Chatted with a bunch of people, mostly fellow comickers, but also a few fans. Not my fans (yet), but still. Anyways, here is my shout outs. I talked to a lot of people, but these guys are who I ended up spending about half the weekend talking to:

Matt Bianchi of Dyslexic Hero - Ok, no, he didn't have a table, and he was basically there with me, but he drove to Rockville, did all the driving when we were in town, and drove back, plus he watched the table when I was wandering around not being a good comicker, so I think he deserves the shout out. Wait, I paid for the hotel and gas... nevermind, forget I put him here.

Danny and Donny of The Draconia Chronicles - They jumped Fred Gallagher in the parking lot. He asked for it. (Yes, I know, Steve. You came up with that line. Fuck you, I stole it.)

Dirk Tiede of Paradigm Shift - Unfortunately for him, not only was he stuck behind me at the con, but he's also the only webcomic person going to NECC, so he'll have to deal with me again next month.

Mike and Ryan of Dark Star Studios - We shared a "special" time in the library, along with Danny, Donnie, and Chris Malone. That's terribly sexy.

Chris "Kilika" Malone of Blue and Blond - Supposedly his surfing comic is a rip-off of a Final Fantasy 7 webcomic. Yeah, okay, so...

Christiann, Jim, and the sixty other people who sat behind the table of Sticky Comics - Seriously, every time I walked past that table (when I was leaving mine completely unattended), there was a different combination of people.

Onezumi and Harknell of Onezumiverse - One hell of a con you guys threw, can't wait until next year. And Oni, please stop telling us about your bowel movements. Kthxbye.

Darren "Dern" Gendron of Dernwerks - Thanks for all the advice helping me get prepped for my first con, as well as the best indirect compliment I've ever received.

Steve and Peekaboo of Dueling Analogs and Omake Theater - He's the one who got me to go to ConnectiCon, which in turn got me to talk to a bunch of these comic folk, including Dern, which led to me going to this con as well as the rest I'll ever attend. When I rule the world, I'll let you have Canada. Maybe.

Also, much like CTCon, the guys from Super Art Fight put on an awesome show. I wanted to go, but I decided to man the table to try and squeeze out a few extra sales. On top of that, Super Art Fight: Unleashed was the most hysterical/disgusting thing I've ever seen. You people are sick, and no, I won't post pictures. Just go to Guru or something and you'll get the same affect, just live. Make sure you guys always get SAF Unleashed at these cons!

And because you knew I couldn't not say something, a shout-out to Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo. I've said it before; he's the reason I started a webcomic, MT was the first one I ever read, yada, yada. The reason why I really want to shout out is because he really is as nice as everyone makes him out to be, if not nicer. I got a chance to shoot the shit with him a few times, and one thing I learned is just how passionate he is about people having the right to do a webcomic, and how much it pisses him off when the "professionals" from the "real comic industry" try to say we have no right to do a comic. Apparently, because DC or Marvel wouldn't have published Questionable Content or Flipside, they shouldn't be allowed to exist. I won't lie, I really want someone to say something to me at NECC about that (NECC is mostly a Marvel/DC con, and like I said, Dirk and I are the only webcomic folk who are going as far as I know). I have no problem with the comicbook industry, and if it wasn't for them starting comics, there wouldn't be webcomics, but fuck you if you think you're better than me because you have the DC logo on the front of your book and I don't even have one.

Anyways, there were a ton of awesome people at the con. I'm not intentionally skipping any of you because I secretly hated you, I'm just trying to avoid copy/pasting the con book onto the page. Really, check out anyone who went, they're all cool people (well, except that one guy. I won't drop names, but ask some of the people who went and they might tell you).


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