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Comic Blurb: Only one questions remains from this comic: who the fuck uses the subject header in a text message? Seriously, why do they have one? And also, how come in every cartoon/comic/video game/movie someone can refer to a place as "the old [something]" and immediately everyone knows where they're talking about. In Springfield, we have an abandoned prison on Main Street next to the Basketball Hall of Fame (classy, right?), and we refer to it as... the abandoned prison on Main Street next to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

As for why this comic is up so early (I'm writing this on Wednesday morning so I don't have to do anything Thursday), I'm driving down to Rockville, MD, for Intervention. It shouldn't surprise you, as I've been talking about it all week. If you're looking for me, I'll be at table 47, or for easier directions, at the end of my aisle is Fred Gallagher from MegaTokyo. Be sure to stop by, even if you are broke/don't want to give me money I will gladly shoot the shit with you!

Edit (1-28-15): Apparently they tore that prison down a couple years before this comic posted. I'm pretty sure I saw it more recently, but it is gone now. Of course after the tornado, downtown has basically been a bunch of empty lots while we waited to see if a casino was coming to town (it is, and I think it's good for the city but I want to be out of here before then).


Stompin' Grounds

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