The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: This is where I usually get in trouble. You see, my favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VIII (8), not FF7. Most of the reason is I played FF8 before 7, and never played the old Final Fantasy games, so all of the innovations of FF7 were lost on me. It was just a game with decent FMV and Popeye-looking characters. I prefer junctioning to materia, I still think FF8 has the best storyline of any video game of all time, I can't remember what 7 was about. I did one full playthrough and a half playthrough of 7, I've done maybe 20-30 full playthroughs of 8.

I fully understand most people prefer 7 over 8, and I completely understand why, and am in no way trying to sway your opinion. Just don't try to sway mine, it won't work. Oh, and the cherry on top? I actually prefer FF9 over FF7 as well. /blasphemy


Stompin' Grounds

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