The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: So yeah, good times the last few days. A few hours after I posted Monday's non-sequitur, I got an e-mail informing me that I got a table at InterventionCon. This is awesome, considering I was on the waiting list but I figured I probably wouldn't get a table. The problem was I had no merch ready (obviously, if you check the merch page there's nothing), so I had to order a bunch of stuff to have it for the convention. I'm meeting a guy Monday about shirts, but everything else is ordered. I spend today shopping at Lowe's and Staples to get the stuff to display the merch on the table, which is why this is a bit late.

The exciting news? Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo is going to be at Intervention. Now, the reason it's a bigger deal for me than some of you is he is literally the reason I do a webcomic. MT was the first webcomic I ever read, and what made me decide to start my own. So... I need to not pussy out and introduce myself to him. I don't think I'll get a plug or anything, and frankly I'm not looking for one; I would think that he'd like to hear about someone who started a comic because of him and is actually enjoying a slight bit of success (hey, I know I'm no Ctrl+Alt+Del, but considering the comic's only been going for nine and a half months, I figure I'm doing pretty well).


Stompin' Grounds

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