The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: There's your curveball for the chapter. Also, I came up with the "Team 2pac" t-shirt before she ever listened to rap, but I figured it was a good combination so I did it. If you don't get that joke, it's a parody of the Twilight "Team Edward/Jacob" shirts and such they have. If there's enough demand, I will make a "Team Biggie" shirt and make the shirts.

Speaking of shirts, the CafePress shirt held up well through the wash, so I might set up a CafePress shop at some point this weekend. I think I'm gonna throw it through the wash again just to be sure the quality holds up. But I'm gonna wear it to work tonight to see how it holds up under those conditions. Also, it'll confuse my co-workers.


Stompin' Grounds

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