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Comic Blurb: So, there you have it. The prologue is all wrapped up, and now you know how everyone met, and who the main characters are. There will be some actual storylines going on from now on, but I wanted to establish the characters.

Most importantly, though, I want to thank you guys for reading and getting me through this. Knowing that I had readers helped me to not miss any updates only miss a couple of updates, and of course because I have some of my contemporaries as readers, I can take a couple of weeks off to focus on writing, fixing up my drawing style, and building up a bit of a buffer so I can start with the tri-weekly updates once I'm back.

I'm not sure on the schedule for the next couple of weeks, but I have enough strips to guarentee that there will be at least three updates per week during the Guest Strip Week (That Is Two Weeks Long), or GSWTITWL for short (though it's not very short). Check in Monday for the first guest strip and I'll be able to tell you the schedule then.

And now you see why I wanted you guys to vote before!

Edit (1-28-15): I'm generally still surprised all these years later that people thought this was a good twist. Maybe I don't have enough confidence in myself, or maybe it's because I generally wasn't hiding it very well, but I'm still glad you guys enjoyed it.

Also, if you flip back to comic #2 and compare Jack in both of these comics, you can see just how far my art came. It's a shame I kept trying to revamp my art style over the rest of the comic, because the difference between where my art was at the end of the prologue and where I am now isn't drastically different, just improved upon. And I'm more satisfied with this than I was with Sam's weird water-balloon boobs in chapter 1 or the weird art direction for the beginning of chapter 2.


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