The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: You see what happens when you call Sam out? No you say? You say you never will know because she's a fictional character? Well, have I got news for you!

I got a fan letter from someone claiming Sam is the spitting image of herself in looks and personality (with a picture to prove it) (not a naughty one, I'm not Justin Bieber). This is... scary. Or awesome. Either way, she also sent me the first piece of fanart I've received for Space Between! You can see it on the art page, or just click here.

Now, if you're a midnight comic reader, I'm going to be Ustreaming Friday's comic in a little while, so keep an eye on my Ustream channel. I'm trying to stream all the comics, so keep an eye on either that, the Facebook fan page or on my Twitter account to know when I'm streaming.


Stompin' Grounds

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