The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: Jeph Jacques has mastered the whole "kissing on a Friday cliffhanger" thing (he's done it three times if you're keeping count), so I decided to start the "kissing on a Monday when it's not really that unexpected" thing. Might not catch on as well.

Now, we have some more shameless plugging! Carl from Ginger's Bread needs your help! He's going to spend the summer re-creating Jurassic Park doing archaeology, but he needs to fix his car so he can continue to update the comic (he's going out to Northern California), so he's asking for donations (click here for all the information). A $1 donation or more gets you a wallpaper, but donate $30 or more and you get a signed print of the picture on that page, but you only have until May 15th to do so. So hurry and donate, because Ginger's Bread needs to stay active. After all, you guys have seen her a few times.


Stompin' Grounds

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