The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: Poor Frank. But was she just messing with him anyways? No one will ever know. Not even Sam, she'll end up being too hungover in the morning to remember.

And now for some plugging, and as usual it's not my stuff! So how many of you read Dueling Analogs? If you don't, then what the hell are you waiting for?? GO READ! NOW!!!!one But I digress, right now he's working on publishing it, but he needs your help. Go over to the Kickstart project and pledge funds. I'd recommend the $25 donation, as it is quite the bargain, but feel free to pledge whatever you can. It's running until July 4th, and his goal is $7,000 (currently it's at $601, not bad but there's work to do). So go and pledge, because... well, I want that book, and I draw you guys a comic for free, so it's the least you could do!


Stompin' Grounds

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