The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: If you didn't check here yesterday like I told you to, I did an easter comic, so go read it.

This is C.J. taking control of the situation, and there's no better way to take control of a drunk guy then by flashing a little cleavage. She owns him now.

And hooray, comic number 50! I didn't think I'd care when I hit the 50/100 comic milestones, because I have 128 comics on Jelly Bean Sniper, so I've been there before. But the difference is with JBS, after each chapter I took a few weeks off with no updates, and still missed updates from time to time with no fillers at all. So far, I've made it 50 comics with 2 fillers, which in my book isn't a bad ratio. Add in to that I've had a couple weeks where there were 3 comics, even though they were one-panel specials, and I'd call it a success. Now, off to write some more!


Stompin' Grounds

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