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Comic Blurb: You may drunk you know how think she is, but you have no idea. And do you like the Flutie jersey in the background? Jack may not be particular to any team, but he does root for individual players, and who can ever forget this play? (Oh right, Wade Phillips. He benched Flutie for Rob Johnson for the Buffalo Bills in the 2000 AFC Wild Card Playoff Game. The result? This play.) Sorry, I was being a bitter Bills fan there.

Next week you are getting 3 comics. Monday and Wednesday are both going to be specials, and a regular comic on Friday. Why are you getting two specials in one week? Well, there's something that is happening on the 14th (Sunday) that I'm looking forward to, and something a little more well known on Wednesday. So be sure to come back here during that time.

Edit (1-27-15): The Music City Miracle is the last playoff game the Bills have been to, with the only two seasons getting close being 2004 when they went 9-7 but couldn't beat a Steelers team that was resting their starters in week 17 for a win that would've clinched a playoff spot, and this past season where Kyle Orton single-handedly ruined games against the Broncos (in which the Bills defense made Peyton Manning look like... well, Kyle Orton) and the Chiefs (in which Orton threw EIGHT straight incompletions in the redzone on back-to-back drives). After BOTH OF THOSE SEASONS, the head coach quit the team. Come on, Rex. Lead us to a wild card spot!


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