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Comic Blurb: From the few stories we've heard about Sam and alcohol, I guess you can't blame Jack. But will it matter? Time will tell.

Also, I'm not sure if you guys can notice, but I tried something different with this comic. Usually, I draw the whole comic on one sheet of copy paper and then do the lineart in Photoshop (I also use BIC mechanical pencils, so you can see how professional I am). This comic, I decided to draw each frame on a seperate sheet of paper, do the lineart, then re-size and fit them into a file. Larger pictures are much easier for me to work with, so it was alot faster.

I'm hoping that by doing this, I can take advantage of some shortcuts (or cheats if you will), such as stock backgrounds and reusing some frames (check out the last panels in this comic and this one. If I had done it as one bigger picture, I could've saved myself some time). I know I'll be looking at catching flak for having a copy/paste comic like people accuse Tim Buckley of doing, but this means that the time to do a comic will be cut down, giving me some more free time, and hopefully I can do 3 comics a week at some point. But it will definitely mean no more filler comics (maybe).

So now, back to my current obsession: Pokemon. Yep, I found out how to get a legit Mew (999 Pokemon in Ranch), so I'm working on that. Also, anyone in the states, don't forget to grab your Jirachi from GameStop..

Oh, right. I actually did a new blog on Sports Bar Chatter, previewing the start of NFL Free Agency.


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