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Comic Blurb: That lyric always bugged me a big. It's from "Wine, Women and Song" by Harvey Danger (Sam's favorite band). I don't understand why they used actor instead of actress. It wasn't for the sake of rhyming, and they have the same amount of syllables, and the same emphasis on syllables. It has to be either stupidity or a mistake in the studio that they left in.

And sorry for skipping Valentine's Day. I didn't think anyone else was doing a special along the lines that I was going to do, but I was proven wrong.

Edit (1-27-15): I was informed by a reader that females CAN be referred to as actors. I'm not 100% sure what the difference is between an actor and an actress, or if there even is one, but I still stand by my joke and my questioning of that lyric. Then again, it's a minor gripe when you consider Train gets to write their own lyrics, and as much as I like some of the songs, some of their lyrics are unbearable. And that list was BEFORE "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" came out!


Stompin' Grounds

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