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Comic Blurb: Prolonging The Magic is one of my favorite albums of all time, though two of Cake's best songs (Ain't No Good, Jolene) are on their first album, Motorcade of Genorosity. I'm really looking forward to their next album, because the sample to Long Time sounds really good (I was gonna link to their website, but they changed the song that plays).

Hopefully, this will be the last update on this site. Project Wonderful should be done processing my submission soon, and I can finish the new layout. If that happens, coupled with the Super Bowl, then Monday's comic will be a Non-Sequitar (a.k.a. Filler), but I will post a comic on Tuesday to make up for it (I'm on vacation next week). Then I will play BioShock 2 for 48 straight hours, then do Friday's comic.

Edit (1-27-15): Showroom of Compassion was a pretty good album (except for that first track), but I could've done without the wait. Bioshock 2 was a huge disappointment, but at least Bioshock Infinite was brilliant.


Stompin' Grounds

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