The Space Between - A Webcomic


Comic Blurb: If I had thought of the idea first, Sam would be in this shirt at all times. But it's copyright fraud, so I can't. Also, I'm using this comic (as well as the last few) to push my own boundries (Jelly Bean Sniper was basically PG until it was too late, missing out on plenty of comedic opportunities). I'm not pleased with my art the last couple comics, so hopefully I can work out the kinks soon.

Edit (1-25-15): When I went to check the link, I noticed the following was in the description of the shirt (which reads "Clearly I Have Made Some Bad Decisions"):

A $100 gift certificate goes to any President or Prime Minister of any officially recognized country who wears this on TV on their last day in office. A HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE. *LIMITED TIME OFFER*


Stompin' Grounds

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