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Comic Blurb: So I had some crap happen where I lost my buffer than I had built up. Some of it isn't my business to talk about, but the stuff that pertains to me includes a hospital trip due to heart palpitations (which seem to be stress-related so I'm not gonna die) and the fact that I timed out my buffer to get me to this week, which I was supposed to have off for a vacation. That got cancelled on me, so rather than rushing the comic to be done today and inevitably missing next week's strip, I'd rather post this filler pic and put the right amount of effort into the next strip.

I'd actually like to do a series of these with all the characters as fantasy warrior-types, maybe do a spinoff comic where I take this world I'm creating and plop it into a fantasy setting. I know MegaTokyo and CAD have done that, but I think I could make it more fun. It's just a thought.

Also, all filler strips will move to their own section in the archives. This way, anyone catching up can just go through the story and not get sidetracked with this stuff.


Stompin' Grounds 2.0

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