Artwork - May Harrington
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Random Sketches Pt. 1 May in Color May?! Easter '04 Pigtails

First ever drawing of May

May in colored pencil.

First drawing of May not being tomboyish.

Pic from an Easter comic that is no longer a comic...

May with pigtails.

Christmas in August Plump! Banner? The Detroit Lions waste their pick on... Smile!

Christmas in August...

First sketches of Plump.

This was supposed to be the banner, way back when.

Where did you think her name came from?

Frame from comic #64.

B- Chibi May! Inverloch Merry Christmas! ...Wait... CHIBI!

I don't pay much attention in school.

Old banner pic. First use of the computer to color.

Fan art that she never posted.

4th of July.

Chibi attack! I lost this for 4 months somehow...

D+ Merry Christmas Tampa Bay Sprite-ling. May Profile Pic Banner sketch

No, really, I pay no attention in class.

Christmas '05.

May, as a sprite. Both jerseys.

Full picture of May from the profiles/front cover.

Pencil sketch of the new banner pic.

My. Best. Pic. Ever. Ignore the Face

Finished banner pic.

Trying out some outfits for May.